Dave Bates' devotion to representing you in Concord is unsurpassed.

Attentive to Constituents

Of the numerous bills written by Representative Bates which that have become law, two were filed in direct response to requests by Windham residents.

Excellent Attendance Record

Your voice cannot be heard unless those you elect to represent you are on the job.

Even though New Hampshire has an unpaid* citizen legislature, when someone chooses to run for office, they are promising to fulfill the responsibilities of that position.  Too often, once elected, some legislators fail to honor that commitment.

People generally vote for candidates who hold views most closely aligned with their own. However, a legislator's stated policy positions are of little consequence when they are not present to act on them.

As Windham's State Representative, David Bates has demonstrated total devotion to fully representing the people of Windham with an unwavering commitment to fulfill the obligations of his office.

* New Hampshire State Representatives and Senators receive $100 per year plus limited mileage reimbursement for traveling to Concord.