Bates secures $ 2.83 million more for Windham Schools

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Windham schools receive $2.8 million tax refund 
State Rep. David Bates penned legislation to pay towns what state owed them

By Breanna Edelstein

Representative Bates with Governor Chris Sununu as he signs HB 354 into law.
This legislation authorizes retroactive payments to towns that did not receive full funding for education in FY 2106.


Representative Bates delivers $2.83 million check to Superintendant Richard Langlois and Windham School Board.

School funding for Windham increases 92%
after Rep. Bates succeeds in repealing the cap on education funding.

$1,000,000 for Windham's Kindergarten

Windham Kindergarten
Representative David Bates secured $1,000,000 for Windham's kindergarten even after all building aid for kindergarten construction had been cut from the budget.

Speaker William O'Brien at Windham Town Hall on July 12, 2011 responding to a question from a Windham resident about the loss of building aid from the state for kindergarten construction.

NH Voter ID Law

Representative Bates speaking to the House about overriding the Governor's veto of the common sense law requiring voters to show a photo ID when voting.

The New Hampshire legislature worked for more than a decade considering numerous bills relating to voter ID. None passed except the legislation for which Representative Bates was the chief architect. Several other states passed voter ID laws only to see them struck down in court. However, New Hampshire's law received approval after review by the U.S. Department of Justice and it has never been challenged in court by anyone.

To the left is Representative Bates with colleagues from the House and Senate signing off on the Committee of Conference report that was passed into law after overriding the governor's veto.

As Chairman of Election Law, Representative Bates was the lead negotiator for the House when finalizing the voter ID bill's language with the Senate.

State Checkbook Online

New Hampshire Transparency WebsiteRepresentative Bates was the author of the law that put the state's checkbook online. Now anyone can see exactly where every penny of your tax dollars is spent.

Prior to the implementation of this law, even members of the House and Senate Finance Committees did not have direct access to information with this level of detail concerning how the state spends your tax dollars.

Representative Bates also chaired the statutory committee charged with overseeing the creation of the Transparent NH website.

More Legislation Filed by Representative Bates that Became Law

Redistricting Plans:

HB1670  apportioning executive council districts
HB1672  apportioning delegates to state party conventions
HB1717  apportioning county commissioner districts

Property Rights

HB352, HB316 relative to merger of lots or parcels
A law restoring people's property rights for those who have had parcels of land involuntarily merged by the municipality where they are located.


HB545  relative to the administrative rulemaking process governing home educated pupils

Various changes to laws on Elections & Voting

HB1673  relative to complaints of election law violations
HB1719  relative to the filing period for elections
HB1354  relative to voter affidavits
HB1476  relative to periodic verification of the checklist
HB258  eliminating certain unenforced election laws
HB1664  establishing a committee to study transferring election law enforcement to the secretary of state